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Advantages of lawn turf over artificial turf

A garden makeover is one of the best ways to enhance the exterior of a property. However, you're going to be left with a lot of decisions over the appearance of your new garden - and one of those first decisions will be the type of grass turf or lawn that is to be installed. For a lot of people, that choice comes down to deciding between lawn turf and artificial grass.

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many people settle on the real thing:

Environmentalist? Go with natural lawn turf

More and more people are becoming greatly concerned by the detrimental effects that they are having on the environment. An area of real lawn turf at about 2,500 square feet is said to provide a family of four with all the oxygen they need, and a well-maintained lawn of such size can even capture carbon emissions at a rate of 300 pounds per year. These are just but a few of the environmental benefits provided by real grass turf.

On the flip side, experts have warned that artificial grass is harming wildlife as it offers no value to the likes of birds, mammals and insects when compared to a live lawn.

The installation cost of real lawn turf is better

There can sometimes be a bit of an assumption that natural lawn turf is a more expensive outlay than artificial turf. However, that is simply not true. The purchase and installation of even the least realistic looking artificial grass is expensive, whereas you can find cheap turf that can be installed by a turf company for a fraction of that price.

Lawn turf: pleasing to the eye and mind

The difference between lawn turf and its artificial counterpart is, and will always be, undeniable. Artificial will always be an imitation of the living, dynamic original. Research indicates that natural lawns have the effect of reducing stress and muscle tension, as well as improving the attention and happiness of those living around them. If you know that your lawn is nothing more than artifice, you can lose these psychological and emotional benefits.

Artificial grass has advantages in areas of the world where there are, for example, droughts. However, as we do not have such issues in the UK, the environmental advantages, vastly reduced installation costs and real-to-touch feel of natural lawn turf makes it the clear winner.

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