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Ask an expert: what turf suppliers say about creating a dog-friendly lawn

While you might take the utmost pride in your lawn, you can be rest assured that your pets will see things differently. For most dogs, lawn turf equals:

• A playground
• A toilet
• Somewhere to occasionally dig up and bury bones

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to keep your grass in great condition while allowing your dog to enjoy all the benefits of a lawn, too.

Liaising with a turf supplier to create a canine-friendly garden

Space is important when it comes to creating a lawn area both humans and our four-legged friends can make use of. Although there's little many of us can do to increase the space of our gardens, what we do with our existing space can reap dividends.

For example, the shape of the lawn can have a drastic effect on its use (and abuse) by dogs. Creating a square patio footpath around a section of your lawn can reduce the likelihood of dogs running up and down it repeatedly – likewise with a central feature such as a tree or fountain. This will restrict the amount of space your dogs have to move at speed, whilst providing you with an attractive centrepiece in the garden.

Naturally, this will involve having to buy lawn turf , which can be surprisingly affordable from the right online turf supplier.

Asking your turf supplier about tough turf

The easiest way to combat dog-related wear and tear is to consult your turf supplier about tough turf. Combined with high quality top soil, a tough, hardy turf will be more than capable of dealing with paw marks.

A turf containing large amounts of ryegrass should be the starting point for any dog owner. Most turfs used for sports pitches contain ryegrass as it can cope with plenty of stress and strain.

When it comes to dealing with urine scorch, placing a quantity of mulch or bark in the corner of your garden and encouraging your dogs to do their business there is undoubtedly the easiest option – although as the saying goes, “you can't teach an old dog new tricks” and if this is the case you might be better off seeking out a grass treatment to restore the natural pH levels of the turf.

Of course, all gardens are unique, and perhaps the best way to get an idea on how to dog-proof your lawn is to ask the experts! No matter how trivial you might think your question seems, a good turf supplier will have heard it before and will no doubt have a number of solutions on how to make the necessary improvements.

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