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Mowing your lawn turf in autumn and winter yes or no?

When the summer ends and the days become shorter, you may think that you can stow your lawn mower away for the winter. However, is it really not necessary to mow your new lawn turf at all during the autumn and winter months?

Mowing your lawn turf in winter

Although the grass will not grow as quickly or luxuriantly during the cooler months of the year as it does at the height of summer, the plants do continue to grow. Gentle mowing during the autumn and winter is, therefore, important in order to keep things tidy and to encourage healthy grass.

You don’t need to overdo it; just give the lawn a quick once-over every few weeks. Regular mowing will encourage the grass to keep growing and should lead to a healthy flush of rapid growth in the spring, ensuring that your lawn will look thick and lush much earlier in the year.

How short should you cut your lawn turf?

As the grass plants that make up your lawn turf grow slowly during the cooler months, you don’t need to be too aggressive with your mowing. Set your mower blades a little higher than you would do normally so that you don’t cut the grass too short, which could weaken the plants and allow disease to enter the root systems.

Preparing to mow your lawn turf

Before you mow your lawn turf, rake off any fallen leaves and wait for a dry day when the grass is not too wet. Don’t cut your grass when it is frosty. This results in damage to the grass plants as they will be snapped off as you and your mower pass, rather than being neatly cut. Be sure to keep foot traffic off your grass on frosty days, too, to avoid leaving footprint-shaped damage behind on the lawn.

Lawn turf care tips for winter

Don’t be tempted to scarify your lawn during the winter, unless the weather turns mild and the grass is kicked into rapid growth. Scarifying the lawn can leave it with bare patches that are prone to moss invasion.

If your lawn is regularly covered in worm casts over the winter following periods of wet weather, take a trip to your local garden centre and invest in a special treatment for the problem. This can help to ensure that the problem is solved before the spring and the grass will have chance to recover.

For more advice and information on caring for your lawn turf, contact the helpful experts at Turf Express today.

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