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How to lay lawn turf in a sloping garden

A verdant, lush lawn is something that can be achieved easily by buying lawn turf from a reputable supplier. However, if your garden is situated on a hill, laying lawn turf on a sloping piece of land can be tricky.

Here are some top tips on how to lay garden turf in a sloping garden.

Choose the best quality garden turf you can afford

Always source your turf from a specialist turf supplier to be sure that the grass has been specially prepared in order to give your new lawn a good base. Professionally cultivated lawn turf will contain all the nutrients that the grass plants need in order to thrive.

Laying your turf

If possible, choose cool, dry weather for this job. If the weather is very hot, the grass plants may become dehydrated and stressed. Try to avoid days when heavy rain is forecast, as this could dislodge the new turf and cause it to slip down the slope.

Begin by topping-up your existing soil with turf soil to a depth of roughly 10cm. Rake the soil over so that the surface is free from stones.

Lay the strips of lawn turf lengthways and horizontally across the downward slope of the site. This will ensure that the turf doesn’t slip or become loose. Stagger the strips of turf so that the ends don’t line up perfectly in order to prevent the whole lot from slipping down the slope after heavy rain.

Take some garden staples and knock them through the turf with a rubber mallet to hold the grass strips in place. When the grass has rooted securely, you can remove the staples.

Aftercare for your lawn turf

When the turf is laid, water it thoroughly to encourage rooting. Water your new lawn every day until it is established. The grass should feel damp to the touch and the soil beneath should be moist but not soaked.

After a couple of weeks, lift a corner of one of the turf strips to see if the grass has rooted. If the strip won’t lift easily, you can remove the staples.

Laying garden turf on a sloping patch of ground can be tricky, but you can do so successfully by following the tips above. For more expert advice on how to lay your new turf lawn and how to care for it afterwards, have a chat with the friendly experts at London Turf Express today on 01959 897 605.

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