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Repairing your lawn with lawn turf

Is your lawn looking the worse for wear after the summer? Are there patches of poor growth or others that are completely bald? Then you need to start a lawn maintenance programme followed by some repairs, because autumn is the perfect time to look after your lawn.

Repairing your lawn with lawn turf

Sourcing your lawn turf from your lawn's original suppliers will help it to blend in naturally. The actual repairs are quite quick and easy to do - all you need is an edging tool, a spade, a fork and a rake.

1. Use the edging tool to cut out the damaged turf, and then lift the piece using the spade - try and keep your cuts square.

2. Fork over the soil to aerate it and provide a level base for the new turf.

3. In fill with a piece of new turf and brush a sandy lawn top dressing into the joins.

4. Compact the joins with the back of a rake to ensure they mesh well together.

5. Water well.

Repair the edges of your lawn turf

There's a simple trick to keeping the edges of your lawn looking neat and tidy. Simply cut round any damaged areas with your edging tool and then turn the piece of lawn turf through 180 degrees so the neat cut edge is now the edge of the lawn. Finally, cut out the damaged section of turf and replace, just like you'd replace any other damaged patch of lawn.

Even out your lawn

Even if your lawn isn't showing signs of poor growth or damage, it may have developed some lumps and bumps over time. It's quite a simple procedure to create a level surface and you'll be glad you did when you start mowing again in the spring.

1. Make an H shaped cut in the uneven section of lawn

2. Peel back the pieces of turf and fork over the soil to loosen. Now, either remove excess soil, or add new topsoil until the lawn is level.

3. Use a spirit level to check that the lawn surface is even and replace the pieces of turf.

4. Brush in a sandy top dressing, compact the edges and water in as before.

Take the time now to repair and level out your lawn turf and you'll be rewarded with a beautiful lawn next spring!

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