Buying Guide on Outdoor Heating

To make the most of the late sunsets that summer brings, an outdoor heater can turn a late night gathering into a night to remember. There are three main types of outdoor heaters, and each will help create a slightly different atmosphere. So if you’re after a fire pit or an electric heater, or you just don’t know, we can help.

The easiest way to heat your garden is with an electric heater, as they produce almost instant heat. If you are heating a large area then these are a great option as they heat up fast. If you are considering opting for an electric heater, then try to go for one with short wave lamps. This means that they heat bodies rather than the air, making sure that no heat is dispersed if there is a breeze. Another fact to bare in mind is that the more KW (kilo watts) a heater can produce, the hotter they can go.

The second option, and quite a popular one, is freestanding fire pits and baskets. Usually made of steel or cast iron, you pile in wood and light it, generating a campfire atmosphere. You can opt for one with a barbecue tray, allowing you to cook as well as heat your garden.

The final option is the traditional Mexican chiminea. Traditionally made from clay with a round lower body and a tall smoke stack. Similar to the fire pits and baskets, load the wood into the open front and light. The benefits of a chiminea are that it directs the smoke up and away rather than letting it blow into guests faces. Chimneas can also be built with a cooking grill.