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  1. Winter Lawn Care Tips: How To Survive The Frost

    Winter Lawn Care Tips: How To Survive The Frost
    During winter, you’ll be spending the least amount of time in your garden. The lawn mower and weed spray is locked up in the shed until next summer, so we’ve put together some top lawn care tips so your lawn looks fresh and full of life for spring. There are a number of maintenance steps you’ll need to take in autumn before the weather gets too cold. Continue reading →
  2. Homemade Christmas Decorations for Your Garden

    Homemade Christmas Decorations for Your Garden
          Looking for some festive ways to decorate your garden, but don’t want to break the bank? There are lots of fun homemade Christmas decorations that the whole family can get involved in making. Turf Express have gathered together some of our favourites below: Continue reading →
  3. Be a Bonfire Knight: Eco-Friendly Tips for Bonfire Night Celebrations

    Be a Bonfire Knight: Eco-Friendly Tips for Bonfire Night Celebrations
    The crackling bonfire, the sparkling Catherine wheel, the toffee apples - Bonfire Night is a firm favourite for the British public and has become something of a celebration of those crisp autumn evenings. However, just how environmentally friendly are our celebrations, and can your efforts go more green? In 2012, a study showed that the emissions from Bonfire Night had a worse effect on UK air quality than a whole year of emissions from waste incinerators! Continue reading →
  4. Enjoy Your Garden This Autumn: 5 Affordable Autumn Garden Accessories

    Enjoy Your Garden This Autumn: 5 Affordable Autumn Garden Accessories
    We recently discussed ways to care for your lawn this autumn, as it’s a great time to get your garden in good shape for next spring. However, a garden shouldn’t be all about work! Turf Express has also put together a list of autumn garden accessories to make sure you can keep enjoying your garden, regardless of the chillier weather.  Continue reading →
  5. What to Be Aware of for Your Autumn Lawn Care

    What to Be Aware of for Your Autumn Lawn Care
    Now that the summer sun is dwindling - almost - our attentions must turn to our lawn care in the lead up to the harsher chills of autumn. With the cooler weather and slight rainfall, now is actually the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for next spring! Turf Express hope that your lawn gave you plenty of opportunity for sunny garden parties and playtime for the family throughout the heat waves. However, those heat waves could also have drained your lawn of essential goodness that you’ll now want to put back in. We’ve gathered together some of the essential tips for your autumn lawn care. Continue reading →
  6. Tips on Garden Friendly Ways to Use Your Grass Clippings

    A lawn mower cutting the grass and throwing out grass clippings With the weather certainly warmer, we’re all out in our garden lots more. This means that your lawn mowing may not be getting neglected quite as much as it does in winter! Lots of people simply bag up their grass clippings and dispose of them. However, have you ever considered using them in your garden? Turf Express has! Grass is full of nutrients, and even the clippings can be used to help your garden thrive. Continue reading →
  7. How to Attract Honey Bees to Your Garden

    Honey bees feeding from a flower in a garden. Creating a space where wildlife can live freely is a fantastic use of your garden, and it doesn’t mean you have to let it run ragged during the warmer months. Honey bees play an extremely important part in the pollination cycle, which is why we felt it would be beneficial to outline simple changes we can all make to our gardens to accommodate our stripy visitors. Continue reading →
  8. Cheap Alternatives to Common Garden Planters

    A rusty watering can with green foliage in it. Every garden lover will know that it takes more than just soil and water to craft a dazzling, fragrant sanctuary outside their backdoor. However, creativity within the garden doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Here at Turf Express, we recognise that some garden enthusiasts will be searching for more creative ways to host their flowers and greenery, and that is why we have compiled a few ideas that offer cheap alternatives to common garden planters. Continue reading →
  9. How to Use Old Tyres in the Garden

    person-840168_1920 When it comes to helping the environment, there are lots of things we can do in our own gardens. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are key parts to making sure that we cause as little damage to the world as possible, which is why here at Turf Express, we like to advise our customers on how to reuse household waste in the garden. Old tyres are a great item to get creative with in the garden, all you need is a few supplies and a little know how and you have several projects that will add character and fun to your garden. Continue reading →
  10. How To Plant Your own Wildflower Garden

    floral-199099_1920 Wildflowers can provide the most romantic backdrop for summer evening sat outside with friends and loved ones. Although it is easy to assume that the plethora of multi coloured plants are only available to see in the middle of the countryside, that is not the case. In fact, it is relatively easy to plant and maintain your own wildflower garden for your home, and it is a great way to safeguard the future of native British wildflowers, whose numbers have seriously declined over the past few decades. Continue reading →

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