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  1. 6 Tips For Heating Your Greenhouse During Winter

    6 Tips For Heating Your Greenhouse During Winter Keeping your winter greenhouse warm is an efficient and essential part to help prevent your plants from going soggy, damp and icy. Protecting your greenhouse will allow new plants to grow healthy during the springtime too. This is why we have provided a useful guide on tips that can reduce your costing’s and energy. Continue reading →
  2. How to be an Organic Gardener

    food-healthy-vegetables-potatoes It is easy to assume that any way of gardening is good for the environment, however that is not true. In order to ensure that you are not causing any damage to the environment as you create the perfect garden, you need to adopt organic gardening techniques. These avoid the use of man-mad chemicals, thus protecting the wildlife in your garden, as many chemicals can disrupt the natural food chain in your garden. Continue reading →
  3. A Beginners Guide to Pruning Flowers

    flowers-marguerites-oxeye-daisies It’s not just trees and shrubs that need pruning to keep them looking lush and healthy. Flowering perennials, annuals and bedding plants will produce better flowers and bushier plants if you keep them pruned correctly. There are several easy methods that you can try to keep your garden looking top notch. Continue reading →
  4. 4 Health Benefits of Gardening

    Every autumn, the culinary benefits of growing your own produce fill our kitchens. However, there are many other benefits to gardening throughout the year, with one of the main ones being the health benefits. Whether your garden is just a small raised bed, or a group of plant pots on your patio, or a huge garden for you to play...
  5. How to Create a Child Friendly Water Feature

    water-feature-1022399_960_720 Having a pond or a water feature in your garden can often real havoc if you have young, inquisitive children running about who want to explore everything. However, there are ways that you can enjoy the presence of a water feature in a safe way that lets you relax while the kids are outside playing. There are two main types of water feature that work for families, they are known as spring and stream features. Continue reading →
  6. The Environmental Benefits of Turf

    Green_Grass Here at Turf Express, we are often discussing the benefits of turf for your garden, but what about how it can help the environment. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to be environmentally aware, and that’s why we have put together a guide on the positive impact turf has on the environment. We hope that this influences your future gardening plans! Continue reading →
  7. How to get Your Garden Ready for Spring Planting

    garden garden Even though it may still feel like the middle of winter, now is the time to start thinking about how your are going to prepare your garden for spring. I know it feels like we’ve only just tucked the garden up for the winter, but now it’s time to get back outside and start gently waking your garden up so that it is ready to bloom in the spring time. Continue reading →
  8. Tips on How to Attract Bees to your Garden

    Tips on How to Attract Bees to your Garden Bees are very extraordinary creatures, buzzing from flower to flower with their child-like behaviour. However there has been a decline in bees in the UK and worldwide, due to changes in agricultural practices. The flowers have been removed leaving the poor bees on nothing to feed on. This is why we have provided a helpful guide for our environmentally friendly gardeners on how to attract bees to your garden. Not only are you being bee-friendly and save the decline in bees, but are also making the planet a much green place to live in. Continue reading →
  9. Easy Tips on Growing a Herb Garden

    Easy Tips on Growing a Herb Garden What could be more perfect than starting the New Year with a healthy eating regime? You can create a wonderful herb garden all year round, eating different herbs for different harvest periods throughout the year. Whether your garden is big or small, you can still make space for the perfect herb garden. Here is your ultimate beginners guide to creating an extraordinary herb garden in containers that will be full of life, colour and flavour, as well as being environmentally friendly and cost effective. Continue reading →
  10. Replanting Your Christmas Tree

    The festive period may be slowly finishing but that doesn’t have to mean the end for your beloved Christmas tree. If you purchased a living tree this year then we recommend that you refrain from throwing it away and consider replanting it. Continue reading →
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