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  1. How to Stop Your Pond from Freezing in the Winter

    first snow on leaves in the garden As the temperature has dropped quite considerably over the weekend, we thought it was important to advise you on how to keep your pond and it’s inhabitants happy and healthy. A frozen pond can harm the wildlife in and around your pond, therefore it is important to take particular precautions during the frosty season. Continue reading →
  2. How to Protect your Garden from Frost

    Fantastically frosty mornings and cold crisp evenings often make the winter months worthwhile. Whilst frost may be beautiful to look at it, it can cause an incredible amount of problems for gardeners across the country. Frost causes the water in plant cells to freeze, ultimately damaging the cell wall. Frost damaged plants are often easy to spot as their growth becomes limp, blackened and distorted. Some plants can protect themselves from frost damage; they have the ability to allow their cell contents to ‘superfreeze’. This means that the cell contents remain liquid even though they are below freezing point. Yet to do this plants must experience several days of cold weather before the freeze. This explains why even hardy plants can be damaged by a sudden bout of frosty weather. Most often frost damages plant growth as well as killing tender plants. Frost damage can be spotted immediately following freezing but unfortunately that is not always the case. However, there are many ways of minimizing the damage of frost and these simple steps should help you protect your plants. Continue reading →

    VEGETABLES TO GROW DURING WINTER   There are many benefits to keeping your garden going throughout winter. Not only does it allow for exercise and plenty of crisp fresh air, ultimately it provides you with brilliantly home grown produce. We believe that you shouldn’t let your vegetable plot stand empty and neglected over the winter months. The list that we have carefully compiled below includes vegetables plants that are fully hardy and will cope well with cold weather. However, if frost becomes persistent and threatens your plants then we recommend that you throw some fleece across them if possible to provide some extra protection. Continue reading →
  4. How to Build an Insect Hotel

    [caption id="attachment_303" align="alignnone" width="537"]http://assets.inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2014/01/Large_insect_condo-537x559.jpg http://assets.inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2014/01/Large_insect_condo-537x559.jpg[/caption]   How to Build an Insect Hotel   Even though creepy crawlies don’t look very pretty, they are very important when it comes to your garden’s ecosystem, let alone on a wider scale. Many species of bee, wasp, ladybird, butterfly and moth hibernate over the winter, and it can be difficult for them to find safe and warm places to hide away until the weather starts to warm up again. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Fascinating Fertiliser and Pesticide Alternatives

    Protecting azalea plant from fungal disease or aphid   It is important to ensure that your garden is safe from bugs and weeds, as well as ensuring that your plants are kept safe and fresh. And so we understand that it can be difficult to maintain your garden in an eco-friendly manner, and not to forget costly! This is why we have come up with 5 useful fertiliser and pesticide alternatives for your home garden, which is presented below. This will guarantee to overcome high cost expenses by using home products and time consumption for you. Continue reading →
  6. Why Solar Lights Are Eco-Friendly For Your Garden

    Solar-powered lamp on garden path.   Why Solar Lights Are Eco-Friendly For Your Garden   Using solar lights in your garden are a great way to be eco-friendly. Having light in your garden enhances attractiveness and safety for when it gets dark. So how can solar lights help the environment? Solar energy is used to generate electricity, which gathers photons within sunrays and then converts them into conduction electrons where an electric charge travels through a circuit in the solar light. Battery back-up systems are available to use during the night. Continue reading →
  7. How to Take Care of Your Pond in the Winter

    snowy footbridge over frozen pond   How to Take Care of Your Pond in the Winter   It can be a worry as the weather turns colder, of what will become of your pond and it inhabitants over the winter period. January and February and the coldest months of the season, and your pond will be at risk of icing over, however this could be detrimental to your plants, fish, and any amphibious creatures you have living in your pond. Continue reading →

    The upcoming months are going to be the toughest for the wildlife found in our gardens. The cold weather combined with scare amounts of food can prove challenging for a variety of creatures so we are urging our readers to do all they can to help. These actions are small, easy, and inexpensive and will help wildlife to thrive rather than just survive. It will also significantly increase the diversity of creatures that will visit your garden, meaning you can watch wildlife even in the smallest of gardens. Continue reading →

    Illuminated garden path patio Finding the Perfect Lighting for your Garden &nbsp There are a variety of reasons to purchase outdoor lighting for your garden. It can significantly improve the appearance of your garden as well as it’s safety and security. It is important to understand the purpose of your lighting to keep costs low whilst ensuring you make the most of your outdoor space. We also urge you to consider the practical matters before investing in outdoor lighting. It is vital that you possess a dry, safe spot that is both waterproof and durable to position a switch for your lighting. We recommended that you take the time to consider if your neighbours or nearby residents will be affected by your new lighting as well. Once factors such as this have been taken into account, it is time to decide the type of outdoor lighting your garden requires. We have complied a short list of the most popular types of outdoor lighting and how they can benefit your garden. Continue reading →
  10. How To Decorate Your Garden In A Beautiful, Easy and Cost Efficient Manner

    Cheap Alternatives Decorating your garden is a beautiful experience for any gardener, however it can become very expensive when considering all the total costs involved. As shown below, there is a list of many wonderful and cheap decorative alternatives that can be manifested to create a magnificent appearance for your own personal garden. Continue reading →

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