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  1. Homemade Christmas Decorations for Your Garden

    Homemade Christmas Decorations for Your Garden
          Looking for some festive ways to decorate your garden, but don’t want to break the bank? There are lots of fun homemade Christmas decorations that the whole family can get involved in making. Turf Express have gathered together some of our favourites below: Continue reading →
  2. Cheap Alternatives to Common Garden Planters

    A rusty watering can with green foliage in it. Every garden lover will know that it takes more than just soil and water to craft a dazzling, fragrant sanctuary outside their backdoor. However, creativity within the garden doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Here at Turf Express, we recognise that some garden enthusiasts will be searching for more creative ways to host their flowers and greenery, and that is why we have compiled a few ideas that offer cheap alternatives to common garden planters. Continue reading →
  3. Cheap Alternatives to Garden Lighting

    A candle in a lantern burning in the evening. In summer, as the days get longer and the sun decides to shine a little brighter, there is no doubt that garden lighting is the perfect solution for a smooth outdoor transition from day to night. Unlike natural light, garden lighting can be artificial without compromising on style or ambience. Turf Express have collected a few outdoor lighting ideas which are cost effective and atmospheric. These lighting options could be used as a way to jazz up a summer garden party, or to simply enhance your enjoyment of a balmy summer night surrounded by those you love. Continue reading →
  4. Tips on Building Cheap Raised Beds for Your Garden

    Cheap raised beds for planting vegetables in your garden Raised garden beds are an increasingly popular option for gardeners, and it’s easy to see why! They provide a secure, controlled area in which to plant your flowers or vegetables, are easier to maintain, and don’t disturb your existing garden any more than you want them to. There are lots of options online for purchasing raised beds, or kits to make your own, but if you’re interested in building your own cheap raised beds then this is entirely possible. For a fraction of the cost, and a little extra hard work, you can fashion your own cheap raised beds to whatever bespoke specifications you’d prefer. Here’s some tips on going about this DIY project: Continue reading →
  5. Cheap Ways to Throw a Garden Party in Northampton

    Cheap Ways to Throw a Garden Party in Northampton Summer is nearly approaching and the days only seem to get warmer, which means only one thing: throwing a wonderful garden party in Northampton. When you are throwing a garden party, there are so many to-do lists to tick off, and they can end up costing you a fortune. Our garden party ideas will help you to stay on budget, without having to spend too much time or money. Take a look at our very quick and easy tips on how to create the most wonderful garden party for your friends and family in a cost effective way. Continue reading →
  6. Six Cheap and Easy Garden Projects for Spring

    festival-flags-garden-partyMaking your garden fun for you and your family, but also a great entertainment space for your friends, doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve compiled six of our favourite cheap and easy garden projects that will not only get your creative side inspired but also give you a load of extra elements to really liven up your outside space. Continue reading →
  7. 6 Cheap Spring Fruits to Grow for Your Watford Garden

    6 Cheap Fruits to Grow in Watford for Spring Spring is nearly approaching us and it is the perfect time to plant your fruit seeds so that it is ready to eat for summer. Why not grow your very own fruits at home in a cheap and healthy way for your garden in Watford? We have created the perfect guide on which summer fruits you should plant during the spring season. Continue reading →
  8. 6 Cheap Vegetables to Grow For Spring

    6 Cheap Vegetables to Grow For Spring Growing vegetables in your garden is not only less expensive, but it is also very eco-friendly, convenient and tastier. There is nothing better than knowing how your food is being produced and maintained. It can be quite difficult to differentiate which vegetables are cheaper to grow during the spring season. This is why we have provided a quick and useful guide on the different types of vegetables that you can grow over spring, which is easy and cheap to carry out. Continue reading →
  9. Easy Tips on Growing a Herb Garden

    Easy Tips on Growing a Herb Garden What could be more perfect than starting the New Year with a healthy eating regime? You can create a wonderful herb garden all year round, eating different herbs for different harvest periods throughout the year. Whether your garden is big or small, you can still make space for the perfect herb garden. Here is your ultimate beginners guide to creating an extraordinary herb garden in containers that will be full of life, colour and flavour, as well as being environmentally friendly and cost effective. Continue reading →
  10. Cheap Alternatives to Pots and Planters

    Putting your plants on display is a way of not only showcasing all your hard work throughout the year but it is also a way of getting creative both outdoors and indoors. It should be imaginative and ideally an inexpensive thing to do. We’ve found seven cheap alternatives to the extortionately priced pots and planters found on the high street. You probably already have a few of these items lying around your house, and with a little care and attention they can be transformed into something terrific! Continue reading →

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