A rusty watering can with green foliage in it.

Every garden lover will know that it takes more than just soil and water to craft a dazzling, fragrant sanctuary outside their backdoor. However, creativity within the garden doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Here at Turf Express, we recognise that some garden enthusiasts will be searching for more creative ways to host their flowers and greenery, and that is why we have compiled a few ideas that offer cheap alternatives to common garden planters.

Mason jar planters If you are a keen gardener, stocking up on mason jars is a good solution for those days when you just want to try something new in your garden. Mason jars are versatile, transparent beakers which can be used to cultivate your flowering fauna. If you cannot find unused mason jars, washing out jam jars or similar glass items will also work.

Teacup Planters Teacup planters are a great cheap alternative to common garden planters, as they combine elegance with a slight quirkiness to create an extraordinary item which will look wonderful in any garden.

Recycling old watering cans If you have old, rusty watering cans holed up in your garden shed, dust them off and use them as an unconventional way to store your plants. Give them a quick scrub with soapy water and fill with soil.

Shoe planters Similar to using watering cans, shoe planters will give you the opportunity to rehouse shoes that are otherwise not wanted. Delve into your shoe pile at home to dig out a few pairs of shoes that would look great in your garden. Line them with newspaper in order to protect the sole and fill with soil before planting the flower or herb. You can use flats of heels for this endeavour, as the only limit is your imagination.

Chair planter Using old chairs as planters within the garden is an ideal way to inexpensively recycle old furniture. If possible, try and carve a hole in the seat of the chair, just big enough to fit a wire basket. The basket can then be slotted into the newly shaped hole and filled with soil and seeds and watered thoroughly. The chair can then be placed in any area of the garden and there you have it! You have created a talking point that will be sure to spike the curiosity of any garden visitor.

Ultimately, to discover cheap alternatives to common garden planters, a keen eye for unusual items and innovative thinking will be needed. Be sure to have a look around local boot fairs or charity shop for hidden treasures that could work perfectly in your garden. If you’d like to know more about Turf Express and how we could help you to creatively style your garden, give us a call today at 01959 879605.