Lawn Turf

Lawn Turf
  1. Eco Lawn Turf

    Eco Lawn Turf

    £5.40 £4.50 From £2.39
    • NOW WITH FREE DELIVERY (See Qualifying Area†)
    • High quality blend of seed
    • Outstanding appearance
    • Excellent value for money
    • Next Day Delivery available*
  2. Premium Lawn Turf

    Premium Lawn Turf

    £5.52 £4.60 From £3.60
    • High quality grass turf
    • Popular choice with professional landscapers
    • Easy to lay & establishes itself rapidly
    • Next Day Delivery available*
  3. Species Rich Wildflower

    Species Rich Wildflower

    £19.20 £16.00

    Meadowmat® Species Rich is perfect for creating an informal lawn that is both pretty and pollinator-friendly.

  4. Traditional Meadowmat - Wildflower

    Traditional Meadowmat - Wildflower

    £21.00 £17.50

    Traditional Meadowmat is a blend of 31 native wildflowers and 3 types of grass typically found in an old-fashioned hay meadow.

    Ideal for a sunny spot where low maintenance and lots of biodiversity combine to create a relaxed feel. Prefer a more manicured look? Then, keep the edges trimmed and mow paths through your Traditional Meadowmat® to give a more formal appearance.

As turf suppliers not only do we specialise in supplying high quality lawn turf at highly competitive prices, but when you order from Turf Express you can also take advantage of the expertise we have gained as one of the leading turf suppliers in the UK. We will be happy to advise you as to the best product for your requirements, and will be able to answer any questions you might have about any aspect of our service. Whether you are working on your garden or want to add a new lawn to your commercial premises, we can deliver the products that you need to get the job done properly.

We understand that it can be tricky to choose the right turf, but you can rest assured that, as one of the UK’s top turf suppliers, turf and topsoil are our areas of expertise. Should you need any help, we will always be on hand to provide you with the free advice that you need before you make a purchase. Take a closer look at our products now and order online if you know what you are looking for, or contact us today to begin your enquiry.

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