Species Rich Wildflower

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Meadowmat® Species Rich is perfect for creating an informal lawn that is both pretty and pollinator-friendly.

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A lawn created with Meadowmat® Species Rich Lawn Turf will be hardwearing, incredibly easy to care for and a real asset to biodiversity.

We’ve blended 12 species of slow-growing grasses with 23 types of colourful pollinator-friendly native perennial plants. The result is a multi-coloured carpet of plants just right for relaxing or playing on.

Meadowmat® Species Rich wildflower turf only needs mowing every other week. But it won’t grow too much more than ankle height. So, it’s specially designed for a relaxed maintenance regime so you can happily leave it while you take a holiday. Or, if you work in an organisation where landscape maintenance budgets are tight – think how much money you could save by mowing less often!

The specially selected grasses ensure full coverage all year round – even in wintertime when the flowering plants are asleep. As for hot dry summers, Meadowmat® Species Rich will keep its colour for longer than a standard grass lawn and will recover from drought much more quickly.

Install Meadowmat® Species Rich just like standard lawn turf. It needs to be laid onto prepared soil. Unlike most types of wildflower turf, Species Rich can tolerate slightly more nutrient-rich soils. Then, please keep your new lawn watered until the roots are well established.

Meadowmat Species Rich Coverage

Each roll of Meadowmat Species Rich wildflower turf measures 500mm (19.6″) wide by 2000mm (78.7″) long and covers 1m².

Meadowmat Species Rich – Composition

80% Slow-Growing Grasses

Brown Top Bent Rough Stalked Meadow Grass
Chewings Fescue Sheeps Fescue
Creeping Bent Slender Creeping Red Fescue
Crested Dogs Tail Small Leaved Timothy
Hard Fescue Smooth Meadow Grass
Perennial Ryegrass Strong Creeping Red Fescue


20% Native Wildflowers

For more information about each flower please view the Spec Sheet.

If you have a square or rectangular area, calculating the amount of product needed is simply a case of measuring the width and the length and enter these values into the product page calculator.


Whether you measure in feet, yards or metres, you can use the product page calculator to do the calculation for you. Each product page calculator is configured for the selected product. It will be indicated if the calculation includes our recommended percentage increase to allow for cuts, shaping and wastage. The calculator will also round up to the minimum order quantity for the selected product so pay particular attention to topsoil and loose products where these are available as small bags, large bags and loose loads.

Of course, not all areas are that easy to measure. The design of your garden may result in an irregular bed, lawn or area. If the shape is relatively simple and made up of separate squares or rectangles, you can measure it by breaking it up as shown in the diagram below.


Diagram illustrating how to measure an area made up of separate squares or rectangles:

If your area is more complicated than that, use a grided paper such as graph paper to help you measure the area. Measure the width and the length of your garden at various points and plot the shape of your area to scale on the grid. Count the number of whole squares your area fills. Then visually piece together the rest from partially filled counting wholes as you go until you have accounted for the complete edge. Then add the 2 figures together. If in doubt, it is always best to round your estimate up rather than down.

Diagram illustrating how to measure an irregularly shaped bed:

To use a meter squared area with our calculator, simply divide the square meter value by 2 and enter the result as the width and the length. Simple!

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Where do you deliver to?

Delivery is available to UK mainland addresses only.

Can I have delivery on Saturday?

Yes but please contact your local depot for information and cost.

Can I have a timed delivery?

Unfortunately we do not provide this service.

Can you deliver next day?

When you order turf & topsoil before 9am, Monday to Thursday, delivery can be made the following day, subject to availability at the depot. When you order after 9am on Friday the earliest day for delivery is Tuesday. Please note turf can be delivered Tuesday to Friday.

How much notice do you need for delivery?

When you order turf & topsoil before 9am, Monday to Thursday, delivery can be made the following day, subject to availability. An additional charge applies for Saturday delivery. When you order after 9am on Friday the earliest day for delivery is Tuesday. Please note turf can be delivered Tuesday to Friday, or Saturday for an additional charge.

What time will my order be delivered?

Deliveries will usually be made anytime from 8am up until 6pm, Tuesday to Friday. If your delivery has not arrived by 3pm, please call us on 01959 897 605 if you require an estimated time of arrival.

Do I have to be at home when the delivery is made?

It is best if you are in to accept the delivery. We are able to deliver if you are not present and the driver will determine the most appropriate positioning for your goods. With unattended deliveries, Turf Express cannot accept any liability for theft, product deterioration or consequences arising from the positioning of your delivery.

What does kerbside mean?

Kerbside delivery means that the delivery will be placed as close to your property as possible, as deemed safe by the driver.

Does delivery have to be kerbside?

To avoid damage to your property by heavy vehicles, delivery of turf & topsoil can be made to kerbside only. This means we undertake to place the goods as close to your property as deemed safe by the driver. For further information regarding our method of delivery, please see our Delivery Policy.

What type of off-loading does the vehicle have?

Within the M25 pallets will usually be off-loaded using a vehicle mounted hydraulic crane which lowers the pallet to ground level. For further delivery information please see our Delivery Policy. If you have any concerns about delivery, please contact us on 01959 897 605 as other options may be available.

Can deliveries be made into the back garden?

No, delivery is to kerbside only. Further information can be found in our Delivery Policy.

Are your bulk bags and pallets returnable?

Our bulk bags and pallets are 'non-returnable'. Please dispose of them responsibly.

Will you contact me to confirm delivery?

Please leave your contact number and instructions in the delivery notes section if you would like the driver to contact you before delivery and they will endeavour to do so.

Can I track my order?

For deliveries of turf, topsoil, compost, soil improver, bark or topdressing, if your delivery has not arrived by 3pm, please call us on 01959 897 605 if you require an estimated time of arrival.

Does the price include delivery?

The delivery cost is calculated at the ‘check out’ stage of the process.

Does the Price Displayed Include VAT?

All prices are shown Ex VAT and Including VAT. The total price is calculated at the Checkout

Will I receive an invoice or receipt for my order?

The confirmation email is your invoice.

How soon after laying turf should I mow my lawn?

You can mow your lawn as soon as five days after laying turf if this can be done without disturbing the rooting process. Most people leave the grass to get too long before mowing.

How long after delivery can I leave my turf rolled up before laying?

Turf must be rolled out within 24 hours in the Autumn/Winter and immediately in Spring/Summer.

How much soil do I need to lay my turf onto?

We recommend a minimum depth of 100mm (4"), ideally 150mm (6") of good quality topsoil. It is important to dig over or rotovate the soil to break up compaction as a well prepared soil will encourage deep, rapid rooting of your new turf.

How do I calculate the amount of turf required for a circular lawn?

To calculate the area of a circular lawn, measure the diameter of the lawn and then divide by 2 to find the radius. Multiply the radius by itself and the multiply this by 3.14. Eg if the lawn has a diameter of 10m, the radius is 5. (5 x 5 x 3.14 = 78.5m²) We recommend you add 5% for shaping and wastage.

Species Rich Wildflower
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