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  1. What to Be Aware of for Your Autumn Lawn Care

    What to Be Aware of for Your Autumn Lawn Care
    Now that the summer sun is dwindling - almost - our attentions must turn to our lawn care in the lead up to the harsher chills of autumn. With the cooler weather and slight rainfall, now is actually the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for next spring! Turf Express hope that your lawn gave you plenty of opportunity for sunny garden parties and playtime for the family throughout the heat waves. However, those heat waves could also have drained your lawn of essential goodness that you’ll now want to put back in. We’ve gathered together some of the essential tips for your autumn lawn care. Continue reading →
  2. Tips on Garden Friendly Ways to Use Your Grass Clippings

    A lawn mower cutting the grass and throwing out grass clippings With the weather certainly warmer, we’re all out in our garden lots more. This means that your lawn mowing may not be getting neglected quite as much as it does in winter! Lots of people simply bag up their grass clippings and dispose of them. However, have you ever considered using them in your garden? Turf Express has! Grass is full of nutrients, and even the clippings can be used to help your garden thrive. Continue reading →
  3. Can Your Garden Recover from Weedkiller Damage?

    dandelions-932115_1280 When it comes to weeds, they are never straight forward. They pop up uninvited all over the lawn, spreading into the tiniest crevices, leaving long, relentless roots that refuse to meet their maker. It is a force of habit to reach for the weedkiller and spray haphazardly at the offending plants, however, if used incorrectly this can lead to disastrous consequences for your lawn and flowerbeds. Continue reading →
  4. Tips on Building Cheap Raised Beds for Your Garden

    Cheap raised beds for planting vegetables in your garden Raised garden beds are an increasingly popular option for gardeners, and it’s easy to see why! They provide a secure, controlled area in which to plant your flowers or vegetables, are easier to maintain, and don’t disturb your existing garden any more than you want them to. There are lots of options online for purchasing raised beds, or kits to make your own, but if you’re interested in building your own cheap raised beds then this is entirely possible. For a fraction of the cost, and a little extra hard work, you can fashion your own cheap raised beds to whatever bespoke specifications you’d prefer. Here’s some tips on going about this DIY project: Continue reading →
  5. Steps to Help You Spring Clean Your Garden Pond

    Steps to Help You Spring Clean Your Garden Pond
    Although the weather can’t seem to quite make up its mind, we have it on good authority that it is spring. Whilst a lot of information about how to spring clean focuses on jobs you should do around the house, the garden also often needs more attention than just the standard planting and pruning. If you have a garden pond, the chances are that there will have been some build up of debris and such over the chillier months, and we won’t blame you for not having tackled that in the cold winter weather. However, now that the weather is (sometimes) warmer, you have the perfect excuse to get outside and spring clean your garden pond. Continue reading →
  6. 4 Ways to Fix a Broken Lawn Mower in London

    4 Ways to Fix a Broken Lawn Mower in London As the season begins to get much warmer, you may start to broken lawn mower again in your London garden, only to discover that it is not turning on after months of storing it in the shed. It can be a challenge to maintain a lawn mower before it is stored and put away for the winter season. There are a number of problems that can occur for when your lawn mower does not start. One of the common problems is the cold temperature’s that can leave the ethanol fuel in your lawn mower to thicken up in a gel texture. This thick texture can clog up the carburettor. This is why we have created a useful guide on ways to fix a broken lawn mower. Continue reading →
  7. 5 Summer Gardening Jobs

    As the weather begins to offer more prolonged sunshine and warmth, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to getting your garden looking kept for the summer. If you want to optimise the amount of time available for deckchair sleeping and barbeques, then we suggest you get these 5 tasks out of the way at...
  8. Vegetables to Grow in the Spring Time in Kensington

    Vegetables to Grow in the Spring Time in Kensington
    As the weather is beginning to warm up, now is a good time to start planning and preparing your 2016 vegetable garden in Kensington. Not all vegetables can be planted at the start of spring, but there are some that will get your allotment or vegetable patch working nice and early in the season. These lovely legumes can then be harvested at various points throughout the year, depending on your harvesting choices. Continue reading →
  9. How to Recognise Your Soil Type in London

    How to Recognise Your Soil Type in London
    Knowing how to treat your soil can be tricky considering how many different types there are. They all need to be worked differently, meaning that it is important to make sure that you understand the properties of your soil and how to make it work for your gardening projects. Continue reading →
  10. How to Take Care of Your Lawn in March

    How to Take Care of Your Lawn in March
    This is the time of year when the weather starts getting a bit more hospitable, causing your lawn to flourish and do all the growing it has put off all winter. It is important to make sure that you take care of your lawn as it starts to grow again. This is why we have put together a brief guide detailing how to give your lawn the best start possible this spring. Continue reading →

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