As the weather is beginning to warm up, now is a good time to start planning and preparing your 2016 vegetable garden in Kensington. Not all vegetables can be planted at the start of spring, but there are some that will get your allotment or vegetable patch working nice and early in the season. These lovely legumes can then be harvested at various points throughout the year, depending on your harvesting choices.

Here are six of our favourite vegetables that you can start growing now ready for early summer.


Fresh baby spinach is perfect for summer salads, and is also strangely frost resistant. You can plant it in the early spring and trust that it will sprout into luscious green leaves before long. There are several different varieties of spinach, and we recommend growing multiple breeds to see which one works best with your soil type and general conditions.Spinach is also easy to grow in small spaces, meaning it won't take up too much space in your Kensington garden.


By starting lettuce early in the season, you can have a near constant supply of greens right through until the end of summer. Buying mixed lettuce seeds means that you can have lovely mixed salads with you BBQs, and sowing them a little closer together than normal makes them easy to harvest and increases their yield.


Radishes are one of the fastest growing vegetables, aside from greens, available and are sometimes ready for harvest in as little as three weeks. Radishes come in a range of flavours and colours, and are great for kids to plant as the seeds are big enough for them to handle.


A superfood and one people tend to love or hate, it springs forth from a seed quickly and easily, ready to help you make your salads even healthier than they already are. Kale tends to be sweeter early in the spring and late in the autumn, so now is a good opportunity to get it going.


Peas are a great spring vegetable that tend to go down well with everyone. This is because they are fun to pick and sweet to eat. Peas can take between 50 to 65 days to mature, so get planting! Peas also look stunning when they grow, making your vegetable plot the envy of Kensington!