Now that the summer sun is dwindling - almost - our attentions must turn to our lawn care in the lead up to the harsher chills of autumn. With the cooler weather and slight rainfall, now is actually the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for next spring! Turf Express hope that your lawn gave you plenty of opportunity for sunny garden parties and playtime for the family throughout the heat waves. However, those heat waves could also have drained your lawn of essential goodness that you’ll now want to put back in. We’ve gathered together some of the essential tips for your autumn lawn care.

Keep Mowing!

It may be tempting to pack up that lawn mower now that the weather has turned colder and the grass isn’t growing with such speed. However, maintaining your normal lawn care routines in the lead up to winter will ensure it’s in the best possible position to withstand winter’s ruthless frosts. Keep mowing and even watering your lawn for as long as the weather will allow, and only drop the blade to cut the grass shorter when you’re doing your very last one or two mows.

Grab the Rake

If you don’t rake up your leaves quickly enough as they fall, you risk creating a carpet of mulch matter which can actually do harm to your lawn by allowing fungus to grow. Although the colours can look nice, take a photo and then grab that rake as soon as possible. Your lawn will thank you for it come next spring.

Get Sprinkling

Autumn lawn care is all about preparing your lawn for what is soon to come, which means now is the ideal time to grab those grass products. Fertilisers and weed killers will be soaked up hungrily at this point in the year, so make the most of any dry evenings and give your lawn its best shot for spring. We’ve even put together some handy posts on organic alternatives to fertilisers and how to make your own weed killer.

With some extra care and attention during your autumn lawn care, you’ll make sure you’re in the ideal spot next spring to get back out in the garden and refresh your space in preparation for next summer! It’s never too early to start thinking about those long, warm months.

If, when caring for your lawn, you find it’s simply not recovering and you want to consider having a new garden fitted, contact Turf Express on 01959 897 605 and we’ll be happy to talk through your options with you.