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  1. Winter Lawn Care Tips: How To Survive The Frost

    Winter Lawn Care Tips: How To Survive The Frost
    During winter, you’ll be spending the least amount of time in your garden. The lawn mower and weed spray is locked up in the shed until next summer, so we’ve put together some top lawn care tips so your lawn looks fresh and full of life for spring. There are a number of maintenance steps you’ll need to take in autumn before the weather gets too cold. Continue reading →
  2. Tips on Garden Friendly Ways to Use Your Grass Clippings

    A lawn mower cutting the grass and throwing out grass clippings With the weather certainly warmer, we’re all out in our garden lots more. This means that your lawn mowing may not be getting neglected quite as much as it does in winter! Lots of people simply bag up their grass clippings and dispose of them. However, have you ever considered using them in your garden? Turf Express has! Grass is full of nutrients, and even the clippings can be used to help your garden thrive. Continue reading →
  3. Tips for Your Summer Garden Wedding in Northampton

    Tips for Your Summer Garden Wedding in Northampton An outdoor garden can provide the perfect setting for your wedding day in Northampton. It creates an outstanding romantic and beautiful atmosphere for the bride and groom, as well as guests. The natural scenery and landscape already acts as an advantage, where it acts as the core decoration feature. Why not take a look at our guide to creating the perfect wedding in your garden in Northampton this summer. Continue reading →
  4. 5 DIY Spring Tips for Your Garden in Surrey

    5 DIY Spring Tips for Your Surrey Garden Spring is nearly approaching, giving you the opportunity to get out in the garden again. Why not start making your garden in Surrey look and feel fresh, vibrant and healthy again by following our 5 simple DIY tips for spring. Continue reading →
  5. Care Tips: How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy In Colder Weather

    Making sure your lawn doesn’t die a chilly death in the harsh snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures of the British winter can be tricky – and it can also be disheartening to see all your hard work undone from the summer months. So, that’s why our latest post here at Turf Express runs through how to keep it healthy throughout the winter. Firstly, you’ll need a pair of gardening gloves, a lawn aerator (or 'spiker') or garden fork, along with a lawn rake. Continue reading →
  6. Top Tips for Dealing with Snow in the Garden

    The New Year period is often associated with regeneration and growth, but avid gardeners out there know that this does not apply to their gardens and lawns. The arrival of the New Year can instead put at risk the future growth of your garden and cause major damage to the soil. Continue reading →
  7. Winter Care: All You Need To Known about Looking After Your Lawn

    When winter comes, the last thing that may be on anyone’s mind is lawn care, with thoughts of sky-high heating bills and imminent car repairs dominating your thoughts. Yet the task is just as important in winter as it is during the warm season, so even though caring for your lawn may be a hard thing to do due to the dry conditions and cold temperatures, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that it greens up nicely when spring sets in. Continue reading →

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