The New Year period is often associated with regeneration and growth, but avid gardeners out there know that this does not apply to their gardens and lawns. The arrival of the New Year can instead put at risk the future growth of your garden and cause major damage to the soil.

Heavy snowfall and frost are some of a garden's worst enemies in this respect, and unfortunately, the past few years have seen significant snowfall and extremely low temperatures through the latter part of January and well into February.

The winter weather patterns in the UK mean that it is important to be especially vigilant and take steps to prevent permanent damage to your garden. Below you will find some useful information that can help you deal better with snow and frost in your garden.

Better Safe Than Sorry

When it comes to minimising the impact that snow and frost can have on your garden, prevention is the key. During the months leading to the winter season, try to avoid using fertilisers that have a high concentration of nitrogen. These should only be used in the early spring, as they increase the growth rate of sappy leaves, which are particularly prone to frosting.

Protect Tender Specimens

Another way of preventing damage is to avoid pruning old growth in tender plants, as the extra growth will act as a protective agent and shelter the central crown against snow and frost. You can boost the protective effect by planting or transplanting any tender specimens so that they are placed under large shrubs or trees, or by surrounding them with tall frames covered with fleece fabric.

Keep An Eye On Water Levels

Did you know that plants can become dehydrated during the winter? A poor soil can quickly lose moisture, despite rainfall or snowfall, so make sure you add a thick layer of mulch to the soil to ensure adequate water retention.

If The Worst Happens

No matter how vigilant you are, your turf might be affected by the cold winter weather. After heavy snowfall, avoid walking on the grass, as this can spread fungus and damage the turf permanently. In some cases, damage might be unavoidable and it might be necessary to lay fresh turf. If this is the case, at Turf Express we can help you protect your garden through winter weather and snow with our top-quality eco turf and certified top soil. Our competitive prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service make us leaders in the industry, so place your order online or contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.