When winter comes, the last thing that may be on anyone’s mind is lawn care, with thoughts of sky-high heating bills and imminent car repairs dominating your thoughts. Yet the task is just as important in winter as it is during the warm season, so even though caring for your lawn may be a hard thing to do due to the dry conditions and cold temperatures, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that it greens up nicely when spring sets in.

Can I Walk On My Lawn In Winter?

The best thing to do throughout winter is to control foot traffic in your lawn. If you walk on the grass when it is frosty, it will get damaged and with the cold conditions, it will not grow back quick enough. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your driveway and sidewalks clear because, by doing so, people will be less likely to walk on your grass and damage it. If you have children, try and limit the amount of time they spend out in the garden; if it snows, take them to a local park or playing field to play instead, to protect your lawn.

Should I Still Clear My Lawn?

Just like any other time of the year, you need to remove debris from your lawn to maintain it in good condition – however, it’s all the more vital in winter. Any accumulated leaves, sticks or dirt should be cleared on weekly basis – twice a week if possible. You shouldn’t leave any toys lying around either because these may not only smother the tuff, but they may also cause disease and attract mice and insects.

Do I Need To Mow My Lawn?

It’s easy for long grass to smother itself during winter; hence, you shouldn’t keep it too long. Ideally, you should cut it about half an inch shorter than you do in the summer. If your grass remains long during the cold season, it can trap excess moisture which may make it prone to disease and fungus that may ruin it once the snow melts. However, you shouldn’t make it too short either because doing so may get the crowns exposed and make your lawn perish in the harsh conditions.

Do I Need To Feed My Lawn Over Winter?

Feeding your lawn will always make it healthier except when you do it over winter; the grass will undergo premature growth which will not endure the cold. The best time to feed it is before the winter season because a well fed lawn will survive the winter months and assure you of green grass the next season.

Even when the temperatures are freezing outside, it’s still important to maintain your lawn. While the tasks may not be as intensive as those that have to be performed at the beginning of the season, it is still necessary to perform them so that the lawn is left in a good state by the time it starts to get warm again. For an even greener and more beautiful lawn, consider obtaining the high quality turf we have on our website – simply browse for our full range, and call us direct if you have any questions or queries about your order.