During winter, you’ll be spending the least amount of time in your garden. The lawn mower and weed spray is locked up in the shed until next summer, so we’ve put together some top lawn care tips so your lawn looks fresh and full of life for spring. There are a number of maintenance steps you’ll need to take in autumn before the weather gets too cold.

Keep Off The Grass

The simplest of our lawn care tips to prolong the life of your lawn requires the simplest step - not taking any on it. Keeping off the grass is the easiest way to keep your lawn in good condition ready for spring. Walking on waterlogged or frozen grass can cause the lawn to be damaged and create problems with the soil.

Regular Brushing

Use a rake to lightly brush any leaves off the lawn. Leaving any fallen leaves on the lawn can result in moss forming, worms, and the worst case scenario - disease. Take swift action to remove any snow as this causes waterlogged lawns.


Using a pitchfork, push the forks throughout the lawn in order to aerate your soil. This will improve drainage, reduce compaction and encourage growth of your lawn.

Fertilise and Mow

The latest you should start these lawn care tips is the end of Autumn or the beginning of December. Mow your lawn early before the frosty weather begins to keep your lawn at a good length during the season. Fertlising your lawn keeps the grass healthy and reduces the risk of it dying over winter.


Depending on the size of your lawn, moles can appear around the beginning of the year and can be a pain to remove. If any mole mounds appear, remove the tops and sow grass over the top during spring.

If you need any lawn care tips or simply want some advice on maintaining your new lawn, then call London Turf Express today on 01959 897 605 and we’ll be happy to help.