5 DIY Spring Tips for Your Surrey Garden

Spring is nearly approaching, giving you the opportunity to get out in the garden again. Why not start making your garden in Surrey look and feel fresh, vibrant and healthy again by following our 5 simple DIY tips for spring.


1. Carry Out Research

It is always a good idea to start researching on how to build, maintain and repair your garden in Surrey, now that the winter is ending and the warmer weather is approaching us. Your garden needs looking after differently every season in order to keep it healthy and well maintained.


2. Get Your Garden Tools Ready

In order to carry out the right steps towards maintaining your garden, you need to make sure you are fully equipped with the right tools. Make sure to clean and sharpen your garden tools to help preserve it, and it can help save you money in the long run and prevent unwanted diseases.


3. Clean The Greenhouse

Make sure to get rid of any debris from the surfaces and ventilate your greenhouse for a few days until it dry’s. Apply a disinfectant using a hot solution on the outside as well as the inside of your greenhouse, since insects from the winter can be found in the smallest of places. Wash off your pots and plant seeds in you trays, that way your young plants can have a great start.  

4. Test The Soil

It is very easy to check whether or not your soil pH is healthy by purchasing a soil test kit that can be delivered to your property in Surrey. Make sure to take samples from different plants for more of a precise reading, and then you can repair the soil accordingly.


5. Begin Planting Areas

Once you have inspected your soil quality, clear any unwanted debris and weeds from your planting area. Go ahead and plant new seeds into your compost plant areas early on. You can create a compost pile using pieces of wood, paper and vegetable peels.