Illuminated garden path patio

Finding the Perfect Lighting for your Garden


There are a variety of reasons to purchase outdoor lighting for your garden. It can significantly improve the appearance of your garden as well as it’s safety and security. It is important to understand the purpose of your lighting to keep costs low whilst ensuring you make the most of your outdoor space. We also urge you to consider the practical matters before investing in outdoor lighting. It is vital that you possess a dry, safe spot that is both waterproof and durable to position a switch for your lighting. We recommended that you take the time to consider if your neighbours or nearby residents will be affected by your new lighting as well. Once factors such as this have been taken into account, it is time to decide the type of outdoor lighting your garden requires. We have complied a short list of the most popular types of outdoor lighting and how they can benefit your garden.

Security Security lighting can be used to protect valuables stored in outbuildings and deter would-be burglars. A PIR (passive infra red) sensor is extremely energy efficient, as it will only come on when it detects motion. Large floodlights also work extremely well as they can drench every corner of your garden in bright light to help keep your home secure.

Pathways and Decking If you need to highlight a well travelled pathway then spike/post lights can be stuck into the ground. A row of deck lights can be used to mark out a decking section whilst also creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Task lighting Lantern lighting and fitted flush lighting can provide illumination when entering and exiting your property.

Accent lighting Often the most popular reason to opt for outdoor lighting, well placed lighting can make your garden even more attractive. If you wish to draw attention to water features, plants or interesting sculptures then we recommended purchasing spotlights. For an intense focused beam place them under the feature or foliage and to achieve a flattering effect then we suggest positioning them either side.

Solar based lighting Solar lighting will work fantastically in your garden during the upcoming winter months due to the high quality of solar panels. An eco friendly alternative to traditional lighting, solar lighting provides efficient garden lighting for all areas whilst saving you up to 80% in running costs.