first snow on leaves in the garden

As the temperature has dropped quite considerably over the weekend, we thought it was important to advise you on how to keep your pond and it’s inhabitants happy and healthy. A frozen pond can harm the wildlife in and around your pond, therefore it is important to take particular precautions during the frosty season.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pond Healthy During Winter

  1. The good news is that a lot of fish go into hibernation during colder periods, but they still need oxygen. If your pond freezes, place a pan of boiling water on the surface of the ice to melt a hole. This allows fish oxygen to circulate in the water.
  3. To prevent your pond from icing over, float large inflatable balls on the surface. alternatively use plastic bottles part filled with stones. Ice is less likely to form if the water moves about a little with the bottles and balls.
  5. Switch off your pond’s pump (unless you have expensive koi carp) as this will create a warmer level of water at the bottom of the pond where most fish will be during their hibernation. Plus, you will save on electricity.
  7. Clear away dead plants and fallen leaves so that they don't decompose in the water, creating toxic gases. If you haven’t already done so, remove plants such as water lilies and keep them somewhere sheltered until spring.
  9. Remove your pond filter so ice doesn’t damage it. Filters are not needed during the winter because fish and other pond animals are not eating much, and therefore they are not producing harmful ammonia and nitrates that filters get rid of.