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    If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to finally start a vegetable garden this year then it is one that we would really recommend sticking to! It is an extremely rewarding endeavor. It can transform a neglected area of your garden into a prosperous space; provide you with enjoyable exercise and wonderful homegrown produce. At first it can be a little daunting deciding exactly what you would like to plant in your garden, as the endless possibilities appear overwhelming! We advise starting small and always keeping in mind the size of your garden, it’s soil type and the amount of sun and shade the area will receive. Once you’ve decided between tomatoes and turnips, it’s time to start making sure that you’ve got all the equipment that you need. We’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the essentials tools when starting a vegetable garden in 2016. Continue reading →
  2. How to Protect your Garden from Pests and Diseases

    It is an unfortunate fact that no garden is completely free of pests and diseases. There are however many preventative steps that you can take to help protect your plants as much as possible. These are natural and nontoxic ways to keep deadly diseases and problematic pests at bay! Continue reading →
  3. Watering Your Garden

    There are a variety of tried and tested methods when it comes to watering your garden. From a simple watering can to an automated irrigation system, knowing what will work best for you garden can significantly impact the wellbeing of your plants. We have created a guide that explains the benefits belonging to the most popular ways of watering your...
  4. Cheap Alternatives to Pots and Planters

    Putting your plants on display is a way of not only showcasing all your hard work throughout the year but it is also a way of getting creative both outdoors and indoors. It should be imaginative and ideally an inexpensive thing to do. We’ve found seven cheap alternatives to the extortionately priced pots and planters found on the high street. You probably already have a few of these items lying around your house, and with a little care and attention they can be transformed into something terrific! Continue reading →
  5. How to Care for Your Lawn in December

    With Christmas only a few weeks away, the hard frosts of December have begun to hit and our lawns are suffering. It is important to keep an eye on your lawn over the winter, and do as much as you can to keep it healthy during the colder months. How you treat your lawn depends on the weather, so you...
  6. Jobs to do in the Garden this Week

    A snow covered bird house in winter with snowflakes falling down. As the weather turns colder and we are prepping our gardens for the winter, there are a lot of little jobs that we need to do. We have put together a list of manageable jobs for you to put your mind to this week. Continue reading →

    Often hailed as the nation’s favourite friendly garden bird, robins are a delightfully merry sight to behold in the garden. They are in fact present in almost 85% of our gardens all year round but we tend to notice them most in the winter, as they are one of the few birds that still sing in the colder months. Both males and females are incredibly easy to identify as they both boast a bright red breast. Currently, the males will be marking out their territories for the coming breeding season and it is a little known fact that males are fiercely territorial! If you wish to attract this charming bird to your garden this winter then take a look at the list below, we’ve compiled some simple steps that you can carry out to encourage robins to visit. Continue reading →
  8. 5 Gardening Supplies you can get for Free

    conservatory flowers If you want to get back into the garden, but lack the funds to give it the overhaul that it needs, don’t despair. There are plenty of supplies you can pick up for free! Continue reading →
  9. 4 DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

    It is an unfortunate fact that garden and outdoor lighting has become increasingly expensive. Retailers are forcing gardeners to pay excessive amounts to illuminate their outdoor space. We believe that there are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden in the evening thanks to lighting but without having to pay an extortionate amount. Without realizing, many of our readers will have the resources to create fantastic lighting at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. As well as allowing you to enjoy your hard work even in the dark, these fun and inexpensive projects are a perfect way to spend time with family and friends whilst encouraging their appreciation of the garden. We think that these brilliantly bright ideas will have your garden looking lovely at a low cost! Continue reading →
  10. A Gift Guide for Gardeners

    The festive season is slowly creeping upon us and if you are beginning to wonder what to get for the green-fingered gardener in you life then look no further. We’ve cleverly compiled a list of thoughtful gifts that will be sure to sprout a smile on their face! Continue reading →
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