conservatory flowers

If you want to get back into the garden, but lack the funds to give it the overhaul that it needs, don’t despair. There are plenty of supplies you can pick up for free!

  1. Compost - You need earth in order to grow things, so check that the soil in your back garden is up to par. If it isn’t the best thing to do is add compost. The cheapest way to get compost is to make your own. Organic vegetable matter from the kitchen, grass clippings and fallen leaves can all be used to make your own compost pile.
  2. Seeds and plants - The best way to get free plants and seeds is from other gardeners. Plant lovers are always ready to share what they have. Check out local gardening clubs to connect with gardeners. Talk to your neighbours, they are sure to have a few seeds to offer you in exchange for some of the sunflower seeds you collected from your summer crop.
  3. Regrow Vegetables - You can regrow plants from kitchen scraps. Vegetables like celery, lettuce, spring onions, potatoes and carrot tops can be regrown. The trick is to save the root section of the vegetable and root it in water. After they have a good root system, you can plant it in soil when the weather permits. You can also save seeds from organic fruits and vegetables and plant them.
  4. Recycle Bin - If you need seed starting containers, check out your recycling bin. Any piece of durable plastic, such as yoghurt and butter tubs, can be used to start seeds in. Cardboard and newspaper can be used as a weed barrier underneath compost or mulch in your garden beds.
  5. Pallets - Many shops have pallets stacked out the back and will give then to you for free. you can use them to build flower beds, containers, benches etc. Just make sure that the pallets are heat and pressure treated. These types of pallets are chemical free and safe to use.