There are a variety of tried and tested methods when it comes to watering your garden. From a simple watering can to an automated irrigation system, knowing what will work best for you garden can significantly impact the wellbeing of your plants. We have created a guide that explains the benefits belonging to the most popular ways of watering your garden so you know what to spend your money on!

Hoses and watering cans
Watering your garden plants using a watering can or a hose can be quite a laborious task but it does allow you to aim water specifically at the stem bases beneath the canopies belonging to foliage whilst leaving the surrounding soil dry. This will limit the growth of weeds and ensures that all the water goes where it is needed the most. This is far by the most inexpensive way of watering your garden.

Sprinklers are best used to water your lawn whilst raising the moisture level belonging to unplanted areas. Whilst they possess a great coverage their use is limited, as they cannot target specific sections of your garden.

Seep hoses
These hoses or pipes have holes in them that will deliver water accurately to both established plants and plants that have been placed in rows. Seep hoses can cleverly be hidden beneath soil or mulch. Placing them here also helps to avoid evaporation losses. This particular method of watering you plants works best for ones that are situated on heavy soil where the water spreads further sideways as it sinks covering more lands rather than on lighter soils.

Automated irrigation systems
Time and labour can be saved if you decide to ditch the watering cans and hoses in favour of investing in a drip or trickle irrigation system. These can drip or trickle water into precise growing areas at whatever time they are programmed to do so. We advise just wetting the root zone or the top 60cm of the soil; water that penetrates deeper will be inaccessible to most plant roots. When you programme your system we suggest taking into account hot and dry weather. We have previously put together a list of the three main types of garden irrigation systems to help our readers find the one that would suit their needs best. Take a look at the post here