Having a pond or a water feature in your garden can often real havoc if you have young, inquisitive children running about who want to explore everything. However, there are ways that you can enjoy the presence of a water feature in a safe way that lets you relax while the kids are outside playing. There are two main types of water feature that work for families, they are known as spring and stream features.

The Spring

The spring is a simple idea, that is just a hole dug in the ground, lined with butly liner. Into this is placed a garden water feature pump and then the area is filled back up with clean gravel.

The water is pumped through a number of different interchangeable fountain heads and is recycled back through the gravel. The gravel acts as a filter and allows for safe access by children to the fountain head.

It also has the added bonus of creating a micro climate for plants such as ferns and other plants that require a higher than normal air moisture content.

The Stream

Similar to the spring in construction, but with the addition of a small stream for little feet to paddle in. Start by digging a shallow slopping channel in your garden and line it with butly liner. Then add rocks, loose sand and gravel it is possible to create a realistic looking stream. The water is pumped to the head of the stream feature using a pump similar to the one used in the above feature.

This really creates a garden great for children, allowing them to go paddling, race boats or play po-sticks.

Again, this creates a micro climate for different plants. It is possible to create pockets of moist earth on either side of the stream for moisture loving plants such as Caltha and Rheum, extending the interest of your garden.