Here at Turf Express, we are often discussing the benefits of turf for your garden, but what about how it can help the environment. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to be environmentally aware, and that’s why we have put together a guide on the positive impact turf has on the environment. We hope that this influences your future gardening plans!

Turf is great for absorbing unwanted dust and smoke particles that can be floating in the air, as well as reducing noise pollution in built up area or around busy roads. For example, grassed slopes beside lowered motorways reduce noise by 8-10 decibels. Pollutants such as carbon dioxide and suffer dioxide are absorbed by turf, making garden air cleaner to breathe. Oxygen is generated by turf at a rapid rate, with a 50’X50’ lawn producing enough oxygen for a family of four each day.

Erosion of soil by water is effectively controlled by grasses as they intercept raindrops before they disturb the soil and they also slow the flow of water which minimises soil loss. Groundwater in enhanced in two ways by a dense turf. Turf increase infiltration of water and clean the water as it passes which in turn recharges the underground water supplies used by all of us.

Turf is also important when it comes to road safety, zones that are stabilised by turf enhance safety on roads and airfields by reducing run-off which can cause flooding. Also, traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, is directed by lawn barriers in areas of heavy movement of people and on roadsides and medians.

Overall, investing in turf for your garden is an option that is full of benefits, just remember to think twice before getting rid of your turf entirely! For advice on our turf and options for your garden, get in touch.