When it comes to helping the environment, there are lots of things we can do in our own gardens. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are key parts to making sure that we cause as little damage to the world as possible, which is why here at Turf Express, we like to advise our customers on how to reuse household waste in the garden. Old tyres are a great item to get creative with in the garden, all you need is a few supplies and a little know how and you have several projects that will add character and fun to your garden.

Tyre Sand Pit Creating your own tyre sand pit is easier than you would think. Acquiring an old tractor tyre from Gumtree or Freecycle is a fairly straightforward process, just remember that you will need two strong people and a large boot to get it home! Dig out a section of your lawn to fit the tyre into, as this will stop it from moving. Aim to fit half of the depth of the tyre into the ground. Once you have fitted the tyre into the ground, dig out of the bottom of it for about another foot, before filling it with sand.

You can buy sandpit sand from garden centres around the country. If you want to make your sandpit slightly more unique, then why not paint your tractor tyre before you fill it with sand? This is a great project to complete with children, before fitting it in the garden.

Tyre Hanging Baskets This easy, and very beautiful, use for old tyres is a great way to get creative in your garden. Source old car tyres and give them a good clean, ensuring that all dirt and grease is removed. Once your tyres are dry, paint them in pastel shades, either covering the whole tyre or with polka dots.

Drill a few holes in the bottom of your tyres, as this will allow water to drain easily. Drill your tyres to your fence or wall, before filling them with compost or topsoil. You can then plant them with trailing plants such as Lobelia or Solway Classic, giving your garden a bright, summery feel.

Tyre Swing This is a bigger project that requires an element of DIY knowhow. A tyre swing is a fun addition to any garden, offering a place to relax for adults, or play for children. Follow our detailed instructions below, ensuring that you remain safe whilst installing your swing.

  1. Find a suitable, unwanted tyre that has no splits and can handle the weight of people. The bigger the better to an extent, just remember to bear in mind how much weight your tree branch can hold.
  2. Clean the tyre with a heavy duty detergent, scrubbing the inside and the outside. For stubborn grease spots, use WD40 or a tyre cleaning product. Don’t forget to get rid of all cleaner residue from the tyre as well!
  3. You will need a branch of around 10 inches in diameter to safely hang your tyre swing from, with the branch being around 9 feet from the ground. Remember, the higher the branch, the higher the swing will swing.
  4. You will need around 50 feet of strong rope to safely hang your tyre swing.
  5. Drill some holes in what will become the base of your swing to stop water from accumulating there.
  6. Loop the rope over your chosen branch, either by climbing the tree using a ladder, or by tying a weight to the end of the rope and throwing it over the branch.
  7. Tie a knot around the branch. You could consider passing some tubing over the robe sat directly on the branch to stop it from fraying.
  8. Tie the tyre into the swing using a square knot, making sure the tyre sits about a foot off the ground. Make sure that the drilled drainage holes are at the bottom of the tyre.
  9. Trim off the excess rope and hey presto! You have yourself your very own tyre swing.


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