The crackling bonfire, the sparkling Catherine wheel, the toffee apples - Bonfire Night is a firm favourite for the British public and has become something of a celebration of those crisp autumn evenings. However, just how environmentally friendly are our celebrations, and can your efforts go more green? In 2012, a study showed that the emissions from Bonfire Night had a worse effect on UK air quality than a whole year of emissions from waste incinerators!

At Turf Express, we’re not only concerned with making your garden look fantastic, but also with helping the wider-world environment, too. We’ve put together some eco-friendly tips for Bonfire Night celebrations.

Eco-Friendly Fireworks

They can be hard to find, but eco-friendly fireworks do exist. If that’s not quite suitable for you, then a little thought into your choice of fireworks can help. Keep in mind eco-friendly tips for Bonfire Night celebrations such as the fact that white fireworks having far less chemicals than multicoloured fireworks, and that big bangs are going to be more stressful for the local wildlife.

Go Green by Going Out

Although public firework celebrations are big, if everyone crowds into wonderful local firework displays rather than hosting their own at home, it significantly reduces the level of emissions and damage caused. Why not give your garden the night off and take the family out to a nearby show for the evening?

Make Your Fire Green

If you are hosting in your garden this bonfire night, take care with what you build your bonfire from. By using untreated, dry wood, you significantly reduce the toxic smoke that will result from the burning. Avoid using aids such as firelighters and instead opt for natural kindling and some good old determination! The environment will thank you later.


We hope that these eco-friendly tips for Bonfire Night celebrations help to give you a guilt-free, green night of sparkling partying. For more tips on how to go green with your gardening, take a browse of our Going Green blogs. If you’ve got any questions about the general care and maintenance of your lawn, you can always give the Turf Express team a call on 01959 897 605.