Garden work being done transplanting celosia

Nothing makes a garden fit more with the season than a beautiful flower bed. Even if you have a tiny garden, dedicating a small section to flowers will add colour and personality to it. If you don’t have one, fear not! They are a very straight forward feature to add, and we have condensed it down into five easy steps.

  • 1) If this is your first flower bed, then start small, no bigger than twenty-five feet. This keeps it easy to manage and means that you don’t have to invest too much in compost, seeds and flowers to start with.
  • 2) Choose a site. This is probably the most technical part of the whole process with a few elements to take into consideration. Try to stay about three to four feet away from buildings. If it is possible, position the flower bed to the east of a building or fence to provide some shade and protection from hot, drying winds. Choose a spot with good soil, all soils can be improved, but try to steer clear of shallow and rocky soil and steep slopes.
  • 3) Make a detailed landscaping plan and dig where your flower bed is going to be. Remove all grass and weeds before digging at least eight inches deep. Then top the flower bed up with nutrient rich compost.
  • 4) Finally, plant you flowers and seed according to their directions. Try to pick seeds and bulbs that will sprout all year round so that your garden stays colourful even in the autumn and winter months.