stop moss ruining your garden

Here at Turf Express, our turf is cultivated to be weed free so by going with our product you are already a step ahead. Unfortunately, having a healthy lawn isn’t as simple as just laying new turf. Before long the weeds and moss that plighted the ground previously will begin to rear their ugly heads again. Luckily, there are a few simple precautions we can take to ensure our new turf stays as fresh as when it was first laid.

Before laying your new turf, ensure that the ground is free of any weeds, seeds, stones and clumps of mud. This ensures that the grass lays flat to the ground but also makes sure that no nasty surprises start poking their heads through.

Moss is another battle that can seem never ending unless you know how to face the problem. Increasing the sunlight exposure in your garden by keeping trees pruned to below six feet tall means that the grass wont get too damp, which encourages moss to creep in. If the turf is receiving the correct quantities of water, air and sunlight then it will stay healthy and strong, keeping weeds and moss at bay.

Another element to bear in mind is the length of your grass; the shorter the grass the more likely you are to have weed and moss problems. By keeping the grass at around two inches in length it will reduce the number of weeds able to push through.

Allowing the grass to grow will also give any moss that is festering to dry out, which can then be raked away with a wire ‘spring bok’ or a fan rake. Make sure the moss is dry when you remove it to ensure that live spores are not being spread around your garden. To play it safe, spray a moss and weed killer on the grass before you attempt to remove anything.