1) Historian Stephen Davis from England was researching the history of his own property, when he came across a reference to an ancient stone that marked a burial plot from the Bronze Age dating back to about 2,500 B.C. After searching, he found the stone covered in ivy. The stone was declared to be a “scheduled ancient monument” by the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.

2) In 2014, a man living in Canada found a plastic bag with a pillowcase inside tucked down the side of his shed. When he looked inside, to his horror, he found a fully-loaded machine gun and a mobile phone. It is still unclear as to who owns the gun.

3) In 1997, John Lambert from Ipswich, U.K. was building a fence when he found an unusual looking bone. After leaving it in his shed for the next sixteen years, he finally decided to take it to Ipswich Museum in 2013, where astounded experts confirmed it was the bone of a 250-million-year-old pliosaur.

4) A Chinese worker was putting some clothes out to dry in his back garden when he saw what he thought was a snake. However with closer inspection he realised it was a 20 inch (half a meter) long earthworm. Biologists wondered why if was able to grow so long in an urban environment because an earthworms size tends to be relative to it’s environment.

5) A family from Iowa was picking fruit in their wooded backyard when they saw something white sticking out of the ground back in 2010. After digging it out they found it was a giant femur, which palaeontologists confirmed as being a mammoth bone. After further investigation they discovered more bones from the 12,000 year old wooly mammoth, all except the skull.