3 Ways to Save Garden Water in Northampton

It can be easy to waste a lot of unnecessary water in your Northampton garden without noticing it. Conserving as much water as possible is important for two key reasons. Firstly, it can save you a lot of costs if your home runs off a water meter. Secondly, 70% of water is used in gardens during the summer peak times. This causes many concerns for the environment. Gardeners in Northampton can still achieve a fresh, healthy and wonderful garden by simply using less water. Take a look at our great guide on ways to reduce the amount of water you use in your Northampton garden:

  Take Care of Your Soil

Adding organic oil will help to maintain a good structure for the soil and thus locking in rich moisture. A great way to lock in water moisture is to place flowerbeds in your Northampton garden or around scrubs, which will help to prevent any moisture from absorbing in dry weather. Having hanging baskets is a really great way to lock in moisture. Adding water granules to your handing baskets will also help to lock in more moisture for your Northampton garden.

  Water and Time Management

Gardeners can end up wasting a lot of water than they need to, which leads to more work and effort than necessary. The best way to check if your soil needs water is to look at the condition of your plants. Look at whether or not the leaves have moved in another direction or seem much darker than usual. This is when you will find that your soil needs watering, which will help save garden water. Damp soil does not require watering, whereas dry soil will require plenty of water to rehydrate itself again.

  Plants and Flowers That Require Watering

Not all plants or flowers need watering as much, which is great news since gardeners in Northampton can save garden water. A great way to save garden water is to use mulches and organic matter that take in a lot of moisture from the soil. Using tiny specimens are also a great way to save garden water for your Northampton garden, since they slowly adapt to their environment and adjust accordingly.