wind turbines in Oiz eolic park at sunset

The Benefits of Investing in Domestic Wind Turbines


As the days get colder, it is important to think about the most cost effective way to heat your home. Renewable energy is becoming more and more popular amongst domestic users, as it can reduce your electricity bill dramatically, if not cover it entirely. The UK is the windiest country in Europe, with the wind speed being at it’s strongest during the winter months, so wind turbines for your home are a great option if the prospect of heating your home over the winter seems daunting.

Is Your Home Suitable?

Before installing wind turbines for your home, it is important to make sure that your home is suitable. The average windspeed around your area must be at least five to six metres per second. Make sure that there are no obstacles nearby which might reduce wind speed or create turbulence. This includes things like buildings, trees and hills. The ideal site would be a smooth hilltop with a clear open stretch to the prevailing wind. You can check the UK Windspeed Database to find your windspeed as a starting point.

Mounted Wind Turbines

If you are considering a building mounted wind turbine for your urban or suburban home, then it is important to bare in mind that your turbine is unlikely to perform well enough to produce electricity for a whole home. However they will supplement your electricity usage. Where building mounted wind turbines did perform well, a much better return would have been achieved by installing a mast-mounted turbine.

Something that many people worry about is the noise emitted by a wind turbine. However on average the noise does not exceed 30 decibels, which is equivalent to whispering or leaves rustling.

Overall, wind turbines are a great way to reduce your electricity bill over the colder months, whilst protecting the environment from pollution.