How to Choose A Patio Umbrella in Northampton

Having the correct outdoor patio umbrella can be both, enjoyable and satisfying for your home in Northampton. Not to mention, it can also increase value to your home, with its beautiful aesthetic appeal. With the correct outdoor fabric for your umbrella, you can protect guests from unwanted UV rays, which could potentially cause skin cancer. The umbrella industry has grown overtime, where home design and garden enthusiasts portray patio umbrellas as a huge fashion statement. With so many different materials available, it can be challenging to choose the right patio umbrella for your home in Northampton. Here at Turf Express, we have provided an easy and useful guide on finding the right patio umbrella that suits your needs.

  Wood Patio Umbrellas

If you are looking for a vintage, rustic appeal for your home in Northampton, then choosing a wood patio umbrella is the right one for you. It can make any atmosphere in the garden loo stylish. Make sure to choose wood patio umbrellas that are made from either hardwood or teak. This will help to keep any bugs away, and acts as a great water resistant feature too.

Aluminum Umbrellas

This type of umbrella has been a popular choice amongst people, due to its fantastic practical features. Aluminum umbrellas are durable, resilient and tough, even in the harshest weather conditions. It is also lightweight and does not rust, which will help to remain dashing for many years to come.

Fiberglass Umbrellas

Fiberglass was once a very expensive material to purchase, and it would take more time to produce. This type of material is versatile, where it can easily bend back into its shape. This makes it tough even in the harshest of weather conditions when we compare it with wood and aluminum.


Wood, aluminum and fiberglass umbrellas will offer different benefits. Choosing the right patio umbrella will really depend on your own personal preference, and the environment your umbrella will be in.