Sloped outdoors areas are fairly notorious for being hard to both build and maintain a garden, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With some simple pre-planning and a little extra knowledge, sloped gardens can really be a very special thing. Due to the seeming constraints, a little extra inventiveness needs to be employed. This leads to some wonderfully imaginative and clever outside areas. We’ve compiled some tips on how to work with your sloped area to achieve the garden you want.

If Your Garden Slopes Upwards

Half of the battle is identifying just how your sloped lawn can work for you and actually be made into a positive thing. If your garden slopes upwards, why not see that back wall as a raised up feature? You could construct trellis along it, or if you are artistic why not design and paint a mural? The end of your garden, raised up as it is, can become a gorgeous backdrop with which to crown your entire garden scene.

If Your Garden Slopes Downwards

The best way to tackle a downward sloped garden is to construct a decking area at the highest point. Use pillars and support to level it out flat, in counter to your downward slope. This ensures that your garden does have a level seating area close to the house. Once that is in place you can then get creative, but it’s always important to make sure you can use your garden first!

Plant Wilder Flowers

It might be instinctive to try to plant neat, manicured beds in order the counter the quirky levels of your lawn. However, sometimes embracing the unusual is a much more effective way to go. That’s why we’d suggest planting wild, untamed flowers (that of course you will tame and keep on top of!) to enhance that rambling feeling that a sloped lawn can give.

Get Playful

Having a sloped garden, whether up or down, means you can go a bit zany in your design and it won't seem cramped or overwhelming. Why not embed steps and then cover them in turf to create a grass staircase? Or, you could lay a feature pathway that slopes around using colourful tiles. You could also create themed zones in your garden, to take your visitors on a journey each time they wander throughout it. The main thing, here, is to forget the rules and embrace the quirky layout you have been given! And always remember to have fun with your garden; your garden should make you happy above all else.