During the autumn it’s tempting to retreat back inside, pop the heating on and avoid those darker evenings and cooler temperatures. But it’s important to devote a bit of time to getting your garden ready for the winter ahead – this can include jobs like pruning, weeding, and getting rid of any garden waste which may have accumulated over the summer.

With these jobs in mind it is also important that you spend a bit of time doing some maintenance work on your lawn mower. You don’t have to be any type of mechanical expert to do most of what is needed to keep your lawn mower in good working order.

Lawn Mower Maintenance is Protecting Your Investment

A lawn mower can be one of the most expensive things you buy for your garden. This money is worth it so long as the mower is able to function well for many years to come. Lawn mower maintenance is all about keeping your machine in good working order, so you can get the most from your investment. This type of equipment is always going to require some type of maintenance, from engine work to blade replacement, and you need to read the owner’s manual to find out exactly what is needed for your machine.

Problems Can Occur Over the Winter

The reason it is so important to do some lawnmower maintenance during the autumn is to prevent problems occurring during the winter when you aren’t using it – that way, when summer rolls around again, your mower is still in perfect working order. One example of maintenance you are advised to do would be emptying your petrol tank, providing you don’t use an electric mower – if you don’t do this, the old petrol sat inside the tank for an extended period of months can create mechanical issues.

Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Spring

You probably don’t have hours to waste trying to figure out why your lawn mower isn’t working once spring comes. By doing some maintenance during the autumn, it makes it more likely that your machine will be easy to use when you next need it. Some of the tasks you can now to get your lawn mower ready for action could include changing the oil and spark plugs.

It Saves You Money on Costly Repairs

It is always going to be cheaper to maintain your lawn mower than to pay for expensive and significant repairs. A lot of the stuff that goes wrong with these machines could be easily prevented – for example, failure to clean out the undercarriage can lead to problem with the blades, which then ultimately need to be replaced. A few minutes of your own times can save you money in the long run!

Maintenance Makes Your Lawn Mower Safe to Use

Failure to maintain your lawn mower could mean that it becomes unsafe for you to use. If debris is allowed to accumulate inside the machine, it can lead to serious problems such as mechanical failure. A smooth running mower is a safe one, so don’t ignore any issues just because it’s going back in the shed for winter!

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