Laying new turf may sound simple enough, and indeed with the correct preparation, equipment and skill it can be, but it can easily go wrong if you don't follow a few simple rules.

1. Lay When Soil Is Warm & Moist
Firstly, new turf will grow best on soil that is warm and moist, so autumn and spring are the best times to lay new turf. Whatever time of year you decide to lay your new turf however, you need to lay it quickly otherwise you risk the turf turning yellow as it dries out. It will also root into the soil much quicker the sooner it is laid.

2. Aim To Lay Within A Day
Ideally, the new turf should be laid within a day of it being delivered. As soon as the rolls of turf arrive, make sure they are put into a shady area. If you can’t lay the turf immediately and it looks like it is drying out, open up the rolls and water them.

3. Water Turf To Prevent Drying
When you lay the turf, work quickly to avoid the grass drying out and as soon as you finish, make sure you soak it thoroughly with water. A sprinkler is recommended to ensure that the water soaks through evenly and can be maintained for an extended period of time. The first few days are critical for root development but it will take several weeks for the newly-laid turf to root into the soil completely. Be patient and remember to continue watering the turf regularly.

4. Quality Turf Makes All The Difference
Finally, make sure you always choose top quality turf from a reputable supplier who will deliver directly to your door. Home delivery means you can get the turf laid sooner and you can start to see the benefits of your newly laid grass far quicker.

At Turf Express, we can deliver the next day if you order by 10am. Your turf will then be harvested within 24 hours so you can be sure of it being fresh and in the best condition to be laid once it arrives with you. Order with Turf Express today and you could be looking at your new lawn tomorrow.