Going Green Veg Boxes

The term ‘going green’ is thrown around more and more these days. We should be recycling, using public transport, making meals from scratch rather than eating manufactured food. But where do we get these ingredients? If you look at the origins of the majority of the fruit and veg we buy at the super market, we can see that it is flown in from all over the world before it gets to our trolleys. Air freight and tankers produce a large proportion of the worlds sulphur emissions, meaning that our fresh ingredients are not as eco-friendly as we presume.

Organic fruit and veg boxes have been sitting in the shadows for the past few years, but we feel that they really fulfil a need within our communities. Companies such as Abel and Cole grow organic fruit and vegetables right here in the UK, before packaging them up in recyclable and reusable boxes and taking them directly to our doors. With no additives such as aspartame, tartrazine or MSG added to keep produce looking and tasting fresh, you can be confident about what you are serving up to your family.

Working with local farmers, companies work with the seasons, ensuring that your fruit and vegetables are as tasty and fresh as they could possibly be. The speed at which the produce leaves the ground and arrives at your door is important, as it retains key nutrients that are often lost in the time it takes the food to reach the shops.

So next time you are in the supermarket, consider the impact your food choices are having on the environment. Why not try something new?