cheap alternatives to paving

Since October 2008, paving over five square meters of your garden or more not only requires expensive materials and tools, but also planning permission. Spring is the optimum moment to remodel your garden in time for summer the blooms, but with a hefty price tag it can seem like a daunting task. We have put together a list of cheap alternatives so your dream garden comes to fruition.

The main alternative to paving your garden is gravel. With a large selection of different types, from coarse grade limestone or granite chippings to slate chippings and pea shingle, there is an option for any project.

Before covering your garden in anything it is important to lay a weed proof woven membrane over the area, pegging the edges at one-meter intervals. Getting good quality membrane is incredibly important, always go for the best brand you can afford, you will thank yourself later when you don’t have weeds poking through your freshly laid gravel. In order to keep the gravel from spreading all over the garden, edge the area with pressure treated wood. This will reduce spray and will keep the gravel separated from the rest of the garden.

Another substitute for paving is laying bark or wood chippings. Ecologically friendly and cheap to purchase, it is a fantastic option for anything from flowerbeds to children’s play areas. At the extremely cheap cost of £5.75 for 90 liters from Wickes you can easily cover the desired area at very little cost.

A final and slightly more modern option is to use recycled tyre crumb mulches. They are incredibly effective as they take years and years to break down. They come in a large variety of colours so are perfect as a protective surface around a children’s climbing frame or to add extra colour to a flower or vegetable patch. The only slight downside is that, although they get the ‘green’ stamp of approval as a recycled product, the problem still exists of what to do with the mulch if you decide to replace it.

Transforming your garden into the summer paradise you deserve doesn’t have to break the bank; a creative eye can spot the alternatives.